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A little bit about us

First and foremost, I absolutely love taking photographs.  It's sorta required in my craft, eh?  I've been taking photos for over a decade and it never gets old.   Hello there and welcome to Benjamin Patrick Photo.  I'm Ben Sutton, the eye behind the brand, and if there's one thing I love more than taking photos is presenting our clients a photographic experience and a final artistic memory that will last a lifetime.  It's all about you!  

  My wife, Deb, and I are a husband and wife team based in Southwest Pennsylvania just south of Pittsburgh PA.  Deb second shoots with me, directs giddy bridesmaids and crazy groomsmen,  wrangles the kids and family members for group photos, holds photo equipment and most importantly puts her photographer husband in his place most times!  

Please poke around, browse our galleries, and please never hesitate to contact me using the "Contact" button up top to start discussing any photographic needs you may have.  And while you're at it, visit my Artworks page by clicking "Artworks" above to visit my print site to view and purchase images I've taken to adorn your home in a beautiful art setting.  Visit our Facebook page, give us a like and share and to stay up to date with posts, images, and more!  

Thank you so much for just visiting us here at Benjamin Patrick Photo.  My passion for photography will always be there, but literally this could never happen without you, the clients, giving us the support you always give us.  We look forward to working with you and giving you final products in the form of everlasting memories for decades to come.  

Take Care!

-Ben Sutton

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